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Puzzling World Welcomes it 3 millionth Customer


For Australians Kane and Brooke McLoughlin Friday the 15th March broke for them what could be considered a bad run of luck as they became Puzzling World’s 3 Millionth customers.

Having being married for just 5 days they had just endured a stressful time of family illnesses from a grandmother who was hospitalized and couldn’t make their ceremony, a mother who was ill on the day to even their 15 month year daughter throwing up as the wedding party sweated out a 37 degree Victorian afternoon.

Their bad run continued when their flight leaving Melbourne was delayed for hours, then their luggage was lost en-route to Queenstown only making it to them four days later on the morning before they journeyed to Wanaka.

On arrival at Puzzling World’s ticket counter the couple were greeted by Managers Duncan and Heidi Spear and presented with a large basket of puzzles, chocolate and a cake that was generously shared around the customers.

“We were thinking, you’re kidding, what’s next!” says Kane of their surprise encounter. “We’ve had a horrible run of luck till now so hopefully this is a sign that things are going to pick up for the remainder of our honeymoon.”

“We’re really pleased for Kane and Brooke and it couldn’t have happened to a nicer couple” Heidi said.

2013 is a year of milestones for Puzzling World, firstly with the opening of their latest Illusion Room, welcoming their 3 millionth customer and celebrating 40 years in business.

The number of visitors to the attraction has certainly increased over the years as new developments have added to the businesses allure for young and old. “It took 26 years for the first million customers, another 8 for the second and just 6 years to reach our third so this shows how important it is for us to continue to consider scale with our developments to ensure all our visitors can enjoy our attraction in comfort”, Duncan said.

The latest project, the incredible SculptIllusion Gallery meets this criteria stretching out over 530M2 allowing visitors the opportunity to wander around the various larger-than-life illusionary exhibits that showcase visual trickery at its best.

Featuring over 20 large sculptures, artworks and displays the building itself offers illusionary aspects within its design. From Living Walls, wave ceilings, stone carpet and hanging waterfalls the visitor is met with stunning ideas that truly make a visit to Puzzling World a “must do” on any tourist itinerary.