4 millionth Lin family from LA 201118

Puzzling World hits 4 million

The iconic Wanaka attraction that most saw doomed to fail when it opened will celebrate their 45th birthday this year and just welcomed their four millionth customer!


Over the years, the number of visitors to the attraction has ebbed and flowed according to tourism’s fluctuating nature however the last fifteen years has seen steady growth as tourists seek further afield for unique and entertaining activities.

It took the business 25 years to reach their first million customers, another 9 for the second, 6 to get the third and just 5 to gain their 4th million. “This growth demonstrates how important it is for us to continue to consider scale with our developments to ensure all our visitors can enjoy our attraction in comfort”, marketing manager Duncan Spear said. “While it’s only been 5 years since we added our massive fifth illusion room we have plans to add another large customer space in the near future”

Puzzling World has long been a fixture for local & international visitors to Wanaka. With its Great Maze, Puzzle Café, five Illusion Rooms and other architectural treats such as the Tumbling Towers, Leaning Tower of Wanaka and of course, the world-famous Roman Toilets they’ve provided lasting memories for generations.

They marked the four millionth customers’ arrival (The Lin family, visiting from Los Angeles, USA) with a “mini celebration”, a gift basket for the lucky family and 2 large cakes they generously shared among the other customers gathered. Just weeks later ‘Wanaka’s Wonderful World of Weirdness’ will celebrate their 45th birthday, but plans for this party are under wraps!