VA Screen in hand

Puzzling World adds even more to the mix

Yet another series of eye-catching developments at Wanaka’s Puzzling World have just been unveiled to help the business continue to offer world unique entertainment to its many visitors.

In what’s been described as the first permanent versions seen in New Zealand, a Holoboxx Holographic display has been added to the Hologram Hall while further into the Illusion Room complex a state-of-the-art Virtual Assistant is now on hand to guide visitors through the rooms.

The large Holoboxx offers viewers a 3-sided cabinet containing a slowly rotating world globe that has the built-in capability of being spun by the user. “Having the gesture control element included was an important feature for us as we like our customers to not only see the illusions but also interact with them as well”, Marketing Manager Duncan Spear said.

A life-size female acrylic cutout is also a new feature within the rooms that via a blu-ray player and the latest projection system brings a state-of-the art Virtual Assistant presentation to the customers.

2013 has been a busy time for the business as they welcomed their Sculptillusion Gallery extension and complete improvements in every area of the attraction including the front façade where the iconic Tumbling Towers are being given a facelift in time for the busy summer season.

What’s next for 2014? management are tight-lipped but say there’s plenty more ideas to be explored as the attraction heads into its fifth decade.