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A Brain Brand Refresh

If there's one thing that the iconic Wanaka attraction of Puzzling World are known for, it's that they like to shake things up from time to time. With a brand refresh currently in action they're heading into 2018 with a new look that, like the business itself, is designed to engage and amuse.

A new logo, continuing with the usage of their Tumbling Towers element was an easy decision, given that this piece of architecture, along with their Leaning Tower of Wanaka have become famous landmarks of Wanaka. The inclusion of characters to help convey the fun however is the creation of local designer Simon Larkin. “Using an internationally recognisable, and fun, family of ‘brain’ test dummies is to enhance the idea that Puzzling World appeals to all ages and ethnicities, and to tie together the diverse range of attractions. The ‘dummy’ family is a great way to draw in and add a humorous, personal connection for visitors”

Added with the launch of a major new feature in their Sculptillusion Gallery, a new Holoblade hologram and a hilarious new exhibition opening towards the end of summer, the team at Puzzling World will be further testing perceptions and asking their guests, “are you a clever dummy?”