L.Tower angle

Leaning Tower world title stays in Wanaka


A visit to Wanaka isn’t complete without a visit its most iconic attraction Puzzling World and a photo stop under its own “wonder of the world”, The Leaning Tower of Wanaka.

Recently rated by Travelencyclopedia.info as having the World’s Most Inclined Tower, this incredible feat of engineering was built to lean an astonishing 53 degrees and installed on the business’ front lawn in Dec 1999, complete with a backwards running clock to celebrate the new millennium.
Being number one on list of leaning or “inclined” towers from around the world is remarkable enough, but even more so when one considers that the Capital Gate building in Abu Dhabi, ranked number 2 but holder of the current Guiness Book of Records title leans just eighteen degrees!
The illusion of holding the tower up, pushing it over (as it appears to be ripped from its base) or getting poked by it is a major draw for people to visit the attraction and see what other unusual treats are on offer.
This isn’t the first tribute for the business that celebrates their 40th year in 2013 – enjoyed other accolades such as being in the World’s Top 10 Weirdest Tourist Attractions, Life-size Mazes and NZ’s Family Friendly Attraction lists among others.
2013 has been a busy time for the business as they welcomed their Sculptillusion Gallery extension and complete improvements in every area of the attraction including the front façade where the iconic Tumbling Towers are being given a facelift in time for the busy summer season.