JVs together

Add an experience, save some money

For visitors wanting a Wanaka day out or those heading west, a range of co-op passes has just been released. Crossfire Wanaka, Ridgeline Adventures and Glacier Hot Pools now have joint tickets with Puzzling World to make their southern experience even better (and a little cheaper!)

The first joint pass, labelled "Solve 'n Shoot is a pass combining Mini Golf & Archery at Crossfire Wanaka with a COMBO admission at Puzzling World. A great fit for young & old this covers two of Wanaka's leading activity providers.

For those with more time (and budget) available, Ridgeline Adventures, a popular local 4X4 trip also has a joint pass that includes their 'Wanaka highlights' trip. Solve n' Safari is the pass to ask for when you're in contact with either business.

Finally, "Soothe n' Solve" is the pass designed for those including a West Coast leg on their itinerary. A Hot Pools entry in Franz Joseph's Hot Pools + Puzzling World - a match made made in heaven.

For now, tickets for these passes, discounted at approx 15% are available onsite, so come on in, pick your pass and enjoy the savings.