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Puzzling Practice

All staff here are fully trained to assist you not only with solving the table puzzles in the Puzzle Centre but can also help to find that perfect puzzle present from our large gift shop. We can help open a world of puzzling prowess that you never knew you had!

Cafe & Puzzle Centre

Walk into one of the most unique cafes ever seen! Dozens of puzzles on the tables await the curious and looking up reveals a massive, mirrored kaleidoscope. Grab a bite to eat or drink from our café, then test your skills with a puzzle or brain teaser. Our café offers a great range of hot and cold items, sweet treats and seasonal options such as toasted sandwiches, burgers and soup over winter and salad, pasta & wraps over the summer months.

Download cafe menu

Kids Packs

We know from experience how difficult it can be finding your wee one a simple, yet tasty and nutritious lunch when away from home so we offer a pre-packaged kids snack pack for them to enjoy here or takeaway. A ham & cheese sandwich, chips, raisins, cheese & crackers and a juice box in a takeaway bag is an easy solution to that ‘but I don’t like it !’ gripe. Check out this fun clip of our Kids Pack being revealed!

Group Catering

We can take the hassle out of feeding the masses with our group catering options that ensure everyone in your party has sustenance to help feed body and brain for your visit here or to take away for your next adventure.

Download catering menu